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Activated Designs TPL-53-10 Motorized Cabinet TV Lift

CODE: TPL-53-10


Supplier: Activated Designs

A Custom Motorized TV Cabinet - An Elegant Solution

Designers around the world agree ... "televisions do nothing to enhance the look or feel of a room. They're great to watch, but not to look at.

"If you agree, and are looking for a stylish way to conceal a TV, a custom piece of furniture just might be the answer.

Over the past 30 years custom furniture designers throughout the US and Europe have installed our motorized TV lifts into thousands of pieces of furniture, elegant furniture designed to do one thing... conceal the TV.

A beautiful piece of automated furniture... a high tech solution that will not only enhance the look of any room, but will actually double the room's utility! Now, at the push of a button, any room can be instantaneously transformed into the theater room!


Datasheet Standard (TPL-53-10.PDF, 94 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet Swivel (TPL-53-10-S_Ver0515.11.PDF, 95 Kb) [Download]

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