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Wireless Contact Sensor (Internal Antenna)


MSRP: $149.00  


You save: $23.00 (15%)
Supplier: Card Access

Used with your preferred external wired dry-contact sensors, the Card Access Wireless Contact Sensor works with your system combining the features of up to three contact switches and up to two thermometers into a single battery-powered device. Monitor garage doors, gates, windows, and pool or spa covers (or any other contact switch monitoring applications you offer) in locations inside or outside the home, and trigger home automation functions based on the open and closed states of the sensors--all without wires!

The Wireless Contact Sensor includes an integrated reed switch (for use with your favorite contact magnet) and one temperature sensor. LED indicators confirm alignment of your contact magnet, proper mesh network operation and connectivity, and proper operation of externally connected contact switches.

Datasheet (Card_Access_WCS10A_Data_Sheet.pdf, 429 Kb) [Download]

Install Guide (Card_Access_WCS10A_Install_Guide.pdf, 836 Kb) [Download]

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