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2-Door Smart Garage Package


MSRP: $590.00  


You save: $191.00 (32%)
Supplier: Card Access

In most homes, the garage door is the only motorized door.  The Card Access Smart Garage Package takes advantage of this capability by allowing automated homeowners to open or close the garage doors using the home automation network in many ways.  Open or close the garage door by carrying a control device in the vehicle or on a key ring. Automate door operation based on the time of day. 

With everything you need in a single box, the Card Access Smart Garage Package contains all the necessary gear to completely integrate monitoring, operation and remote control of up to two garage doors into any project and with a minimum amount of wiring.

This “one stop shop” makes adding garage door automation features to the automated home simple and convenient. The result provides homeowners with added convenience, security and peace of mind.


The Card Access Smart Garage Package is designed for quick installation with high reliability.  Card Access wireless contact switches and relays are easily installed.  The innovative rail-mounted garage door contacts install vertically on the door channel, eliminating messy floor mounted contacts and cracked cement. The Mini Remote includes a visor clip and lanyard for easy placement in the card or on a key ring. An entire Smart Garage Package can easily be installed by dealers in as little as 30 minutes.

Everyone hates waking up in the morning only to discover the garage door was left open all night. Now the Card Access Garage Automation Package V2 from Card Access eliminates worries for automated homeowners.  When used in systems, homeowners can monitor their homes from miles away.

Use the Card Access Garage Automation Package V2 with new or existing garage doors to wirelessly add capabilities to projects like:

  • Remote controlled garage open and close
  • Automatic time-based garage open or close
  • Remote garage open and close
  • Home lighting scene changes (and other home automation events) based on garage door open/close states
  • LED keypad status of garage door open/close states

Of course, remote garage door operation should only be installed on garage doors with “safety beam capabilities” to prevent accidental closing on obstructed or occupied garage doorways.

In addition to controlling the garage, the additional buttons and programming functionality in the Mini Remote allow drivers to turn on lights, open gates, and activate climate control systems from their vehicles.

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