D-Series Speakers

Speakers with impressive, true to life musical presentation.

Our line of speakers has won more awards and been the spotlight of more reviews than we can count on fingers and toes. Peachtree Audio speakers are designed for maximum performance when wedded with a Peachtree amplifier. Each pair comes in stunning real wood veneers so music lovers won’t have to make the looks-for-sound compromise ever again.

Peachtree DS4.5 Desktop Speaker

CODE: DS45xx


Sold Per Pair

Spend a lot of time strapped to your computer? The DS 4.5’s were designed as one of the first desk-top high-end speaker systems. The exotic real-wood veneered cabinets and curves match the Peachtree Audio integrated amps and help retain your desk-tops elegant look.

Peachtree Design 4

CODE: Design4


Sold Per Pair

The D4 is a true high-end speaker in every way. This speaker has caught the hearts of reviewers and customers alike with its larger than life, musical presentation.   Awards include Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award and Home Theater’s Editors pick and Stereo Mojo Best of show.

Peachtree Design 5

CODE: Design5


Sold Per Pair

The Design 5 system is a larger speaker than the Design 4 and is engineered for larger spaces and or higher sound pressure levels. They will reach down to 50 Hz, a very low level of bass reproduction unheard of in a speaker this size. The overall result when blended with our silk dome tweeter is nothing short of breathtaking.