Personal Audio DAC

The DAC lies at the heart of any modern music system.

Virtually all the music we listen to today comes to us as a digital file or a digital bit stream – from our computer, iPod, our smart phone or from the cloud. In order for us to hear these digital signals, they have to be converted to analog. If this conversion process is done right, the results can be magical. For example, if you’ve only listened to a song through an iPod or computer and then add a great DAC to your system, you could very well hear sounds in that song that you’ve never heard before. Adding a Peachtree Audio high-performance DAC to your system allows you to clearly hear music the way the artists intended.

Peachtree DAC-iT



With its high-resolution ESS Sabre 9023 DAC chip, the DAC•iT is designed to upgrade your hi-fi system and allow you to get plugged in to digital audio.... More 

Peachtree Decco65

CODE: Decco65


Simplicity = Performance The only thing left to add to the decco65 is your computer or streamer and speakers. Simple and elegant for the way you... More 

Peachtree Nova125

CODE: Nova125


Nova - The Next Generation of Power   4 Products in One Chassis 24/192 Upsampling DAC 125 Watt per Channel Amp Hybrid Tube... More 

Peachtree Grand Integrated X-1 Amplifier

CODE: Grand Integrated


Grand Integrated X-1 440 watts of Peachtree performance! The Grand Integrated X-1 is Peachtree’s no-holds-barred integrated amp. It... More