NeoPro Integrator


About NeoPro

Neothings, Inc. was started in 2005 with the specific goal to provide solutions that are high performance, integrate well with other components, and give you the flexibility required to connect everything together without making sacrifices. NeoPro products typically have unique feature sets, and are designed to have a high quality fit and finish.

NeoPro products are built to order. They have many ordering options, so they have developed a production process that will quickly take your selection to finished product and ship it out to you, sometimes in a matter of hours. All of their products are 100% tested to ensure that when you are ready to install it, it will work every time.

NeoPro products are not only designed in the USA, but they are also made in the USA. You may notice other products in the marketplace being sold under several brand names. Those brands will never be able to give you the level of service and support that NeoPro can offer, such as being able to talk to a real engineer.