HDMI A/V Matrix Switchers

 Digital Video 

Digital Video Distribution Systems

Digital video has proven to be a formidable challenge to even the most seasoned integrators. At NeoPro, we understand the challenges, and have created the industry’s best solution with the HDMI switching and Long run HDMI over fiber.

Digital video is more susceptible to problems with long runs to zones, improper power wiring, and outside interference.  In addition to solving all of these problems with a single strand of low cost fiber, we’ve given the integrator all the serial and IR control features they need in the automated home.

NeoPro Integrator
NeoPro Vandenberg HDMI 8x8

CODE: 80-00093


Vandenberg™ -  8x8   HDMI video and audio matrix The Vandenberg is HDMI switching done right. Proper management of HDMI in a... More