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Axxess Wireless Motion Sensor


MSRP: $160.00  


You save: $21.00 (13%)
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Supplier: Axxess Industries

Wireless Motion Sensor

The Axxess Wireless Motion Sensor supports all motion dependent functions, including lighting, security, occupancy detection and energy management. Upon detecting people moving in a space, it communicates  that event wirelessly on a programmed schedule. It also measures temperature, light and humidity (optional).


home automation - lighting control


Lighting Control

Walking into a room or the backyard and having the lights turn on automatically is a pleasant experience that almost never gets old.


Home Security

Secure your home and the precious things inside by incorporating Axxess Devices into your home security system.



home automation - home security 

home automation - energy management


Energy Management

Make the world a better place and save on monthly electricity bills at the same time. Either way the savings are very green.



Temperature Control

A built in sensor allows you to monitor and control temperatures inside of your home. Outside temperature monitoring is also possible but sadly no control just yet. This device also provides temperature data wirelessly to wherever you need it.


motion sensor includes temperature sensor 





Utilizing a ball mount, the Wireless Motion Sensor is able to be adjusted to whatever direction you wish and enables quick removal.



wireless motion sensor ball mount 



Product Cut Sheet (Datasheet-MotionSensor.pdf, 283 Kb) [Download]