Card Access designs and develops an expanding line of ZigBee® wireless mesh networking-based contact sensors, motion sensors, contact relays and high-voltage power controllers-providing Control4 with increased event sensing, power-controlling and energy saving capabilities.

Owning a Control4®-automated home means you are enjoying integrated control of your home lighting, audio and video entertainment, climate control, and security systems.

Now take your Control4 home to the next level—beyond control—with wireless home automation products from Card Access.

Experience more enjoyment as your home responds to you just by opening a door, or entering a room. Card Access enhances and individualizes your Control4 home, increases convenience and comfort, and provides even greater peace of mind.

Card Access products help you automate your home based on your family’s lifestyle and needs—in many cases without even pushing a button.

In-Home Automation can make Card Access work for you, contact us to find out more.