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Card Access Sub-Zero / Wolf Smart Appliance Module


MSRP: $299.00  


You save: $100.00 (33%)
Supplier: Card Access


Give beautiful Sub-Zero®  BI-Series refrigerators and Wolf E Series ovens the needed brains for integration with  the Card Access™ Sub-Zero® / Wolf® Smart  Appliance  Module™.

The Card Access Smart Appliance  Module combines Sub-Zero BI-Series refrigerators’ and Wolf E Series ovens’ advanced technologies providing a comprehensive food preservation and preparation system to  monitor:

Sub-Zero BI Series:

  • refrigerator door / freezer  door open and close states
  • refrigerator and freezer  temperature set points
  • ice maker on/off state
  • Max Ice Mode on/off state
  • Pure  Air on/off state
  • water filter useful life  (displayed as a percentage)

Wolf E Series:

  • cooking modes
  • temperature set points
  • preheating
  • kitchen timers

The Card Access Smart appliance module also allows you to set multiple Sub-Zero refrigerator operating modes including:

  • Short and Long Vacation Mode
  • High Use Mode
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Normal Mode
  • Night Ice
  • Heat Store

Drivers supporting the  following Sub-Zero BI Series refrigerators are provided:

  • BI-36F (freezer only unit)
  • BI-36R (refrigerator only unit)
  • BI-36U (refrigerator-freezer unit with under-the-fridge freezer)
  • BI-48S (refrigerator-freezer unit with side-by-side fridge  freezer)

Drivers supporting the following Wolf E Series ovens can be downloaded directly from Card Access website:

  • Wolf E Series Single Oven
  • Wolf E Series Double Oven

The Card Access Smart Appliance  Module enables Composer programing to monitor and set a variety of refrigerator and oven operating conditions such as:

  • If a fridge or freezer door remains open longer than 5 minutes, execute an Announcement  Agent and/or send an email notification
  • When Sabbath/Long  Vacation/Short Vacation/High Use/Normal Modes are enabled or disabled by a program (or by the app), execute an Announcement Agent and/or send an email  notification
  • When the fridge/freezer door  is opened, raise or lowering room or cabinet lights  (combining the light level  sensing features of the Card Access Wireless Motion Sensor with this allows for additional creative programming)
  • Check current oven temperature and time left for food baking in the oven.
  • And more! Use your imagination to add value for your clients.



Smart Kitchen Brochure (Brochure_SmartKitchen.pdf, 12,663 Kb) [Download]

Quickstart Guide (QSG-SUB-INST10_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf, 368 Kb) [Download]