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Doorbell and Phone Event Package


MSRP: $395.00  


You save: $96.00 (24%)
Supplier: Card Access

It hasn’t been very easy creating automation events for doorbell rings and telephone calls in the automated home… until now. The Card Access Doorbell and Phone Event Package (model number IDP10A) is an all-in-one solution that makes it quick and easy to add doorbell and phone-based automation events in automated homes.

With everything you need in a single box, the Doorbell and Phone Event Package includes all the gear to create events for one or two doorbells and one phone line:

  • 2 Wireless Contact Switches
  • 1 North American External Power Supply (for optional DC powering of the Wireless Contact Switch)
  • 1 ELK-930 Doorbell and Telephone Ring Detector
  • Installation Guide / Wiring Diagram (information for automating doorbell and telephone circuits)

The Wireless Contact Switch operates on either two AA batteries or a low-voltage power supply (included in the Doorbell and Phone Event Package). This single, small device combines up to three contact switches, two temperature sensors, and—when line-powered—a ZigBee™ (IEEE 802.15.4) repeater.

The ELK-930 Doorbell and Telephone Ring Detector detects ring activation from one or two doorbell buttons and a single telephone line. It conveniently isolates the voltage and current and produces an open collector (pull to ground) output which can be used to trigger the Wireless Contact Switch.  The ELK-930’s circuit board is pre-scored so that the three individual detectors may be snapped off (separated) from each other.

ELK 930 Instructions (ELK_930_Instructions.pdf, 32 Kb) [Download]

Creating doorbell ring detection based events (Card_Access_IDP10A_Doorbell_Tech_Tip.pdf, 793 Kb) [Download]

Doorbell and phone event package install guide (Card_Access_IDP10A_Install_Guide.pdf, 164 Kb) [Download]

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