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Computer Cleanup

Computer Optimization or Computer Clean Up is a very essential element of keeping your computer running quickly and smoothly. As your computer hard disk becomes cluttered with more software and files it becomes sluggish and slow to open files or connect to the internet. There are many reasons for this to happen but the most common reasons are a fragmented hard drive, insufficient disk storage, lack of RAM and even outdated computer components. Every time you create a document or folder, download music from the Internet, transfer your pictures from your digital camera to your PC, or even transfer data onto CD’s, you are using up more of your computers’ hard disk storage which then makes your computer take longer to search and find the files you want to access. This is when a computer cleanup is necessary. 

Newer PC programs such as Windows Systems are getting more and more resource intensive as well as larger and this makes it tough for your computer to keep running at peak performance. When Windows starts up it automatically loads a number of programs, many of which you may not need and as you install more and more programs, the list of non-essential programs continue to grow causing a slow computer startup and slow computer performance.  Fragmentation of your hard disk is a major reason for your computer running slow. For instance, the Windows operating system stores files in different locations on the hard disk. If the stored locations are not adjacent to each other, the disk is fragmented and retrieving the files takes longer. Other reasons for a slow computer could be a shortage of physical or virtual memory, spyware, malware, viruses and other similar problems. A computer cleanup will take care of these problems.  

Computer Cleanup Full Service



We provide a thorough exam and analysis of your computers current state and implement proven methods to enhance usability, safety, security, and speed. This service is provided via online remote desktop support, no house call necessary!