Fusion Research

Fusion was started in 2003 by a small team of successful entrepreneurs from the cutting edge world of dynamic medical imaging and storage. The partners founded and ran their venture backed company for a number of years before successfully selling it to a public entity. Having been in the demanding medical environment for many years, the founders wanted to take their experience into a new and exciting area, which is when they decided to start Fusion Research.

The team at Fusion has a deep understanding of the underlying technology of digital imaging, storage and networking as well as the use of protocols and control for system communications. They bring their significant domain knowledge and expertise to the new and emerging area of imaging and networking in the residential and commercial market using open IP based products.

Unique to Fusion:

Fusion is one of only two media sever companies, which has created its own unique movie database to offer superior meta-data and loading benefits to its users. Besides the improved quality of information & high resolution cover art, we embed specific movie loading information to  the system to automatically update the system to allow the latest movie releases to load properly.  Windows Media Center based systems require endless manual updates or patches to load new movies, because of Fusion's unique database, all updates are  seamless downloaded into the system with the movie information and cover art automatically.

Fusion  first began offering Blu-ray disc playback  in 2008 before allowing full disc importing early in 2009. Now customers can have both their DVD, Blu-ray & home movies  archived onto their system for playback wherever they want. Fusion's Blu-ray utility makes loading a Blu-ray a breeze and of course all cover art and meta data is completely automated for the user.

Storage on media servers is very expensive and when your storing Blu-ray you need a lot of space since the latest  Blu-ray discs are running over 40GB each! By purchasing one of Fusion's inexpensive storage licenses, dealers can give their customers choices of the newest low cost NAS (network attach storage) solutions that are now becoming so popular. Fusion has been offering this option for several years and has customers with thousands of movies on our entry level systems with terrific results.