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Mini Remote


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Supplier: Card Access

Carry a “personal LED keypad” with you anywhere you go with the Card Access™ Mini Remote. 

The Card Access Mini Remote provides homeowners with an easy-to-carry, simple-to-use remote for their home automation system.  Small, battery-powered and water-resistant, the Mini Remote fits on a keychain, clips to a car’s sun visor, sits on a coffee table or nightstand, or easily goes inside a pocket or purse. The Mini Remote has five programmable buttons—the equivalent of a portable five-button LED keypad—that can be customized to perform almost any project task.  

The Mini Remote extends remote control with a simple, pocket-sized form making it ideal as a portable, custom button for performing common functions.

Homeowners can use the Mini Remote in these common ways:

  • Home Entry Control (open gates, garages, electronic door locks, turn on external/internal lights, arm/disarm alarm systems)
  • House “Awake”/“Asleep” Button (all on/off control)
  • Simple Audio Zone Control (with on/off, next song, next genre, volume up, volume down controls)
  • Simplified TV/Audio Remote (with on/off, channel up, channel down, volume up, volume down controls)
  • Lighting Scene Control
  • Outdoor Living Control (operate lights, audio zones, pools, spas, water features)
  • Personal “Panic Button” (to create “call-for-help” events and/or send e-mail help requests to family members)

Since the Mini Remote is completely programmable and customizable, its uses are limited only by your imagination.

The Mini Remote has an LED to provide the homeowner with feedback, and a “hold” button that prevents accidental key presses while the Remote is in their pocket.

The Mini Remote communicates with home automation systems using the wireless ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) radio communications interface, providing maximum automation control and flexibility. (NOTE: The Mini Remote is NOT an infrared (IR) device.)
The Mini Remote is water resistant, so it can survive an occasional splash, but cannot survive being immersed in water (or other liquids).

Datasheet (Card_Access_IMR10A_Data_Sheet.pdf, 1,022 Kb) [Download]

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