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NeoPro Vandenberg HDMI 8x8

CODE: 80-00093


Supplier: NeoPro

Vandenberg™ - 8x8 HDMI video and audio matrix

The Vandenberg is HDMI switching done right. Proper management of HDMI in a multiroom environment is made easy with the Vandenberg because of EDID and HDCP management, audio signal routing flexibility, and several control interfaces for connection to the control system of your choice.


  • 8 HDMI inputs
  • 8 HDMI outputs
  • 16 additional digital audio inputs (8 SPDIF + 8 Toslink)
  • 4 additional digital audio outputs (SPDIF)
  • IR, RS-232, and TCP/IP control
  • Integrated web server for setup & administration
  • Sleek 1RU design to save rack space


8 x 8 HDMI - Having all HDMI ins and outs gives the custom integrator maximum flexibility when it comes to making long runs to zones. The integrator can use direct, short HDMI cables to connect directly to surround processors in the rack or close-by displays, or use HDMI extenders over CAT5/6 cable, or for the best signal integrity and feature set, use NeoPro's LightSpider HDMI over fiber extenders.

16 Digital Audio Inputs - The HDMI cable can carry surround sound or 2 channel PCM, but not both at the same time. We've provided additional SPDIF and Toslink digital audio inputs so the integrator can get both audio streams into the Vandenberg. Internally, each HDMI output can be configured to carry either the 2 channel PCM stream as is required for a TV only zone, or can be configured to send the SPDIF surround sound audio stream over HDMI. Each of the 16 additional inputs are independent so any additional audio sources such as iPod docks can be connected in and routed to zones for whole house audio.

4 SPDIF Outputs - The four additional SPDIF outputs are designed for local connection to a surround sound processor. In many cases the processor (AV Receiver/Amp) will be located in the rack, and speaker wire will extend from the rack to the zone's speakers. These systems do not need the HDMI vdeo, just the SPDIF digital audio.

IR, RS-232, TCP/IP Control - An IR input is provided on the front panel for control from common IR repeaters and programmable remotes. RS-232 provides a two way interface so the control system can command and query the matrix. An Ethernet port provides TCP/IP socket access to the same two way command and query interface, and also an integrated web server for setup & administration. The web interface gives the integrator several pages of setup so that EDID, audio routing, and other preferences can be managed and saved.

1RU Chassis - Rack space can be at a premium with cabinet style racks, so no need to waste 2 rack spaces and more. NeoPro's engineers neatly managed to get all of these features into an attractive 1RU chassis.



  • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz external power supply (inline, not wall wart type)
  • Dimensions: Width: 17” Height: 1.74” Depth 10.5” (not including removable feet)
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • HDMI 1.4, 3D mandatory modes
  • HDCP fully supported, proper HDMI repeater device
  • HDCP auto managed for each port
  • RS-232: 115.2K baud, full two way protocol
  • TCP/IP: HTTP port for setup, Telnet port for two-way control

Integrator's Guide (DOC42-00041-A_Vandenberg_Integrators_Guide.pdf, 1,472 Kb) [Download]

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