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Nest Concierge Service



Supplier: Nest

We can arrange for a Nest Certified Professional to come to your home to install your new Nest Learning Thermostat for an introductory price of $119. Each additional install will be $25 per thermostat. Installation usually takes 30 minutes or less.

Your installer will:

  • Schedule your appointment during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.
  • Check your compatibility. If Nest is incompatible, you'll be refunded the price of Concierge. However, there will be a $99 charge for the visit.
  • Remove and recycle your old thermostat.
  • Install your new Nest Learning Thermostat.
  • Give a brief product intro and operation overview.
  • Connect Nest to your Wi-Fi network or provide instructions so you can do it yourself.

Also, please keep in mind that your heating and cooling system must be fully functional in order for Concierge to complete installation.

Concierge installation does NOT include additional services like:

  • Moving your thermostat to a different location.
  • Running a new wire.
  • Patching or painting your wall where your old thermostat was attached.
  • Any HVAC servicing, filter changes or vent cleaning.

If you have whole-home humidification or dehumidification, your installer may need to add some small components, like an electrical relay, to install Nest with your system. They'll bill you directly for any extra components used.