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Smart Pressure Sensor


MSRP: $89.00  


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Supplier: Card Access

The Smart Pressure Sensor is an easy-to-use occupancy sensing solution for chairs, beds, and sofas. Providing better results through customizable sensitivity, this next-generation sensor returns fewer false positives than others on the market, making it more suitable for a variety of home automation applications.

The sensor works by measuring the change in distributed pressure when a chair, a bed, or a sofa is occupied. Proprietary “learning” technology allows dealers to calibrate the response of the sensor to suit a wide range of furniture and occupants - with just the push of a button. By using this technology, the sensor delivers superior control and flexibility when compared to many other occupancy sensors, which are not adjustable and are only reliable in limited applications.

Additional customization options are available in a feature-rich DriverWorks Driver, including occupancy and vacancy hold times and manual threshold adjustment.

The Smart Pressure Sensor must be used in conjunction with the included Card Access Wireless Contact Sensor (WCS10A-2-ZP with FW version 2.00.09 or greater), which can be powered with batteries or via 9-24V AC/DC external power. The Contact Sensor’s two external contact inputs, magnetic contact, and internal temperature sensing capabilities can be utilized in combination with the Smart Pressure Sensor.