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More power, more channels and more music. SpeakerCraft amplifiers deliver the power and fidelity you demand whether you need a couple of channels for stereo or you want to distribute music throughout your home. When SpeakerCraft set out to develop the custom installation industry's most complete line of amplifiers, we knew we had to have answers for the variety of situations that you encounter. Having years of success with our Big Bang amplifiers, SpeakerCraft is re-Vitalizing our amplifier line to include several digital amplifiers: Vital 1250, Vital 850 and Vital 100V.

These amplifiers include the necessary features needed for flexible, reliable custom installation. Custom friendly features include multiple turn-on modes, independent level controls for each channel and pass through outputs. The Vital series of amplifiers is a highly reliable solution for every installation with a blend of power, performance, and value. 

SpeakerCraft Vital 850


SpeakerCraft Vital 1250


SpeakerCraft ESC-1 Convection Cooling System



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SpeakerCraft BB275 2-Channel Amplifier


SpeakerCraft Bass Power 250



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