SpeakerCraft PRO

After delivering literally millions of loudspeakers to the field, we are confident in our ability to provide performance and value that will impress even the most critical listener. We are now taking that same expertise and applying it to the commercial sector. We are fully aware of the unique requirements of the commercial contractor and have designed the SpeakerCraft Pro series to exceed those demands. The difference is our incredible attention to sound quality. We strongly believe that commercial installations benefit from increased sonic performance as much as any home theater or multi-room home audio system. With this philosophy we have crafted the SpeakerCraft Pro series to be the finest sounding commercial loudspeaker line on the market. If you have any doubts we welcome comparison. Listen for yourself. We know you will agree.

SpeakerCraft SC Pro Commercial 8

CODE: SPS42855


Sold As Each

Industry leading engineering, blended with better cone technologies, design a crossover to operate at low impedance or 70 to 100 volts and meet industry codes for UL 1480 approval. Voila` SpeakerCraft Pro.

SpeakerCraft SC Pro Commercial 6

CODE: SPS42655


Sold As Each

The SC Pro Series enclosures are a vented design for maximum bass output from any size of our woofer drivers.

SpeakerCraft SC Pro Commercial Sub 8

CODE: SPS43855


Sold As Each

As a Subwoofer or Bass Augmentation system the SC Pro Commercial Sub 8 will easily match and enhance existing systems or reinforce and compliment the rest of the SC Pro line.

SpeakerCraft SC Pro Commercial 4

CODE: SPS42455


Sold As Each

Commercial installations are often considered to be an exercise in simply filling a space with sound. Attention to sound quality and performance is almost an afterthought, and the industry has allowed this to become the standard.