SpeakerCraft DT Series
The SpeakerCraft DT series presents a simple solution to delivering high quality sound to a small area. Many locations in the home do not have the space to fit a pair of speakers. In the past, the solution was to either do without music or to wire a single speaker and listen to just one channel of audio, missing half the fun. With the DT series, you can now enjoy quality music in locations such as dressing areas, walk-in closets, laundry rooms, over the shower and vanity.

SpeakerCraft DT8 Zero

CODE: ASM75800


Sold As Each

Larger diameter speakers will always sound better at low volumes than smaller diameter speakers. Why wouldn't you want a bigger sound at a lower volume? 

SpeakerCraft DT6 Zero

CODE: ASM75600


Sold As Each

When a single stereo speaker is what the architect ordered we have your prescription. Great in bathrooms, place one over your soaker tub and one over your sink. Your result is evenly dispersed stereo sound.

SpeakerCraft Profile DT6 Zero

CODE: ASM56001


Sold As Each

The legend lives on. Now the award winning system is available in the Profile flawless flangeless design, while still providing the same reference audio performance you’ve come to expect from the AIM Series.