Accufit IW7 Series

SpeakerCraft Accufit Series 
The finest flush-mount speakers in the world are useless if they cannot be installed due to restrictions in a building’s walls or ceiling. To solve some of these problematic situations SpeakerCraft has modified models in our classic MT, DT and CRS series to include shallow enclosures designed for space-restricted installations. These are more than just a metal cabinet attached to the baffle.  Great care has been taken to re-voice the speakers themselves so their performance is optimized in the limited air space available. Now there is a speaker for those situations that made it impossible in the past.

SpeakerCraft AccuFit IW7 One

CODE: ASM68710


Sold As Each

The Accufit sealed enclosure is designed to contain your sound in your room. At 70mm (2 3/4") deep its a very shallow mounting speaker for tight residential or commercial applications.

SpeakerCraft AccuFit IW7 Three

CODE: ASM68730


Sold As Each

Combine the stunning THREE Series Aluminum drivers with an exacting sealed enclosure to contain your sound in your room. Enjoy your music without entertaining the rest of the household.