SpeakerCraft AIM LCR Series

Flat panel displays have changed the way we watch movies and television. They also require quality sound to compliment the phenomenal pictures they produce. The AIM5 LCR is a perfect addition beside, above or below any flat panel display. Using only the finest components, these speakers reproduce everything from the most violent explosions to a subtle breeze through the leaves of a quiet forest. They will envelope you in the crescendo of a symphony orchestra or sooth you with the strains of a late-night jazz club.

One of the greatest advantages of the AIM5 LCR is the ability to pivot the entire baffle. You can easily focus the sound in from the left and right channels creating a more realistic sound stage. You can also pivot the center channel speaker up or down to match the listening position which greatly improves the sound of the dialog along with the rest of the soundtrack.

Available in multiple models, there is an AIM5 LCR that is perfect for your system.

SpeakerCraft AIM LCR 5



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SpeakerCraft AIM LCR 3



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SpeakerCraft AIM LCR 1



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SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 Five



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SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 Three



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SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 One



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