MT Series

SpeakerCraft  MT Series

When SpeakerCraft invented the in-wall speaker over two decades ago, we began with a sixinch woofer and a one-inch dome tweeter. This tried and true design has been evolving ever since and is now represented by the MT6 series. With four different models featuring a variety of different drivers, the MT6 will amaze you with sound quality and dependability.

Mirror image technology, where there is a dedicated speaker for left and right channels, allows for the maximum reproduction of stereo image and depth of realism. The pivoting tweeter makes it possible to direct critical high frequencies to the listening area further enhancing the listening experience. Some models also offer front-mounted EQ adjustments to fine tune the system even further. The MT6 remains a statement of quality and value.

SpeakerCraft MT6 One

CODE: ASM87610


Sold Per Pair

For a lighter taste in distributed audio, the MT One offers distinctive bass notes. Add in a properly measured waveplane to evenly distribute that sweet silk tweeter. The resulting yield is smiles all around.

SpeakerCraft MT6 Two

CODE: ASM87620


Sold Per Pair

From our original 6" in wall designs. Glass composite and silk are blended ingredients over a low heat. Set overnight. The result is a solid bass driver complimented with an airy sweet tweeter. Still a best value.

SpeakerCraft MT6 Three

CODE: ASM87630


Sold Per Pair

Gently caress Aluminum in cones, add synthetic cooling liquids for heat dissipation, throw in hours listening, adjusting the dividing network to optimally blend the bass and treble tones. Sit back and enjoy.