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Simple Control4 At Your Fingertips

As the design of your system becomes more advanced, SpeakerCraft offers complete control throughout the home. Individual keypads allow you to select sources, advance tracks, select radio and television stations, adjust volume and enjoy different sources in different rooms simultaneously. Powerful, flexible and easy to use, these systems will make owning a multi-room audio/video system an even more fulfilling experience.

SpeakerCraft offers a control system solution for every need and every type of installation, including the revolutionary Nirv system, MODE, MZC, and iPhone interfaces for control via your iPhone.

  Product Product code Price  
CTL13166 SpeakerCraft MZC-66

CODE: CTL13166

CTL08110 SpeakerCraft MKP 1.1

CODE: CTL08110


Sold As Each

CTL14331WH SpeakerCraft MODE 3.1 Keypad



Sold As Each

CTL14410WH SpeakerCraft MODE Free Keypad



Sold As Each

CTL14420WH SpeakerCraft MODE Free Wall Dock



Sold As Each

CTL07110 SpeakerCraft ERS-1.0 Kit (iPhone Interface)

CODE: CTL07110


Sold As Each

CTL14430BK-UN SpeakerCraft MODE Free Table Dock



Sold As Each

SpeakerCraft MODE Free Coordinator

CODE: CTL14440


Sold As Each

CTL14333 SpeakerCraft MODE Base

CODE: CTL14333


Sold As Each

CTL14335 SpeakerCraft MODE Adapter

CODE: CTL14335


Sold As Each

ELT14336 SpeakerCraft PS-3 Power Supply

CODE: ELT14336


Sold As Each

CTL07108 SpeakerCraft RSA - 1.0

CODE: CTL07108


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