SpeakerCraft OG Series
Summer is around the corner and folks are moving outside once again and their music is going to follow them. Here is a unique speaker that can be sprinkled around the yard, between the trees, under bushes or in the flowerbed.  The OG or On Ground loudspeaker carefully mimics the form factor of a standard outdoor up light. The shape and size is a readily accepted feature in landscapes around the world and blends in seamlessly in almost any situation.

Driven directly into the soil with a ground spike, these speakers can be placed almost anywhere and pointed toward the listening area. Their small size and shape make them ideal for situations where standard outdoor speakers or Rox would be out of place.

The weatherproof fixture is made out of die-cast aluminum with a 3-inch full-range aluminum cone driver. The surface can be painted to match other fixtures or to camouflage the speaker even further depending on the installation. Due to the physical limitations of a three-inch driver, combining a subwoofer can substantially enhance the performance of the OG. The Sub 8 Rox with its dedicated amplifier is a perfect choice.

Take advantage of the OG as another addition to your outdoor speaker arsenal and give your customers the outdoor experience they are hoping for.

SpeakerCraft OG Three

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OG Three Modeled after a standard exterior light fixture the OG can be placed just about anywhere in the landscape. Its sharp spike allows the... More