Outdoor Elements

 SpeakerCraft Outdoor Elements Series
The emotional power of music is undeniable. The overwhelming use of music in everything from major motion pictures to soap commercials is evidence of how we, as human beings, are affected by a soundtrack that enhances our lives. Having that emotional impact follow us outside is a natural extension of that desire.

Outdoor Elements is a series of loudspeakers designed to expand your enjoyment of music when life takes you into the backyard, by the pool or relaxing in the sun. Whether it’s rocking the deck at a summer party or the final touch for a candlelight dinner in the gazebo, Outdoor Elements will allow you to create a musical environment that fits any mood and adds to any occasion.

Take the music where you live and enjoy it whenever you want. Outdoor Elements from SpeakerCraft, a dramatic addition to any home entertainment system.

SpeakerCraft OE8 Three

$415.00   $299.00


Sold As Each

SpeakerCraft OE6 Three



Sold As Each

SpeakerCraft OE6 One

$319.00   $159.00


Sold As Each

SpeakerCraft OE5 One

$209.00   $119.00


Sold As Each

SpeakerCraft OE DT6 One



Sold As Each