SpeakerCraft Profile Series

Profile Speakers

When Seeing Is Not Believing

Spectacular sound is what our customers have come to expect from SpeakerCraft, and it’s what they’ll get when they choose the Profile line. It should come as no surprise that Profile speakers sound every bit as good as SpeakerCraft’s other speakers; because they are SpeakerCraft’s other speakers.

The sleek Profile magnetic grille is now an option on many of our in-ceiling and in-wall models, including such award winning designs as the AIM8 in-ceiling and the AIM LCR in-wall. Nothing changes but the grille. The sound is exactly the same.

  Product Product code Price  
ASM54633 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR 3

CODE: ASM54633


Sold As Each

ASM54631 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR3 Three

CODE: ASM54631


Sold As Each

ASM54611 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR 1

CODE: ASM54611


Sold As Each

ASM54311 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR3 One

CODE: ASM54311


Sold As Each

ASM57703 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 MT Three

CODE: ASM57703


Sold Per Pair

ASM57701 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 MT One

CODE: ASM57701


Sold Per Pair

ASM59105 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM Cinema Five

CODE: ASM59105


Sold As Each

ASM59103 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM Cinema Three

CODE: ASM59103


Sold As Each

ASM59101 SpeakerCraft Profile AIM Cinema One

CODE: ASM59101


Sold As Each