Vital Series

SpeakerCraft Vital Series
Shaking the ground and rattling the walls is no longer an option in most home theaters. People want the visceral impact of deep dynamic bass that brings both movies and music to life. We have always been a major provider of subwoofers in both in-wall and freestanding formats. The BassX series has been installed in homes around the world with impressive results. But now there is more.

The new Vital subs are more powerful, more musical and more dynamic. With entirely new cabinets, drivers and dedicated amplification, these three models will deliver the kind of sonic performance discriminating customers demand.

Available with 8, 10 or 12-inch woofers and 80, 120 or 250 watts of power, there is a model for every application. Whether it is a matter of adding a bit of bottom end in the bedroom or filling the theater with bone crushing realism, there is a Vital sub for the job.  All models have automatic signal sensing power on/off, overload protection, phase control, an adjustable low-pass filter as well as inputs for both stereo and LFE channels. The driver is front facing with dual ports in the front baffle as well. This is advantageous for subs that will be loaded into wall units or other cabinetry. A recessed level control is located on top of the cabinet allowing easy access regardless of the subs position.

When deep, tight bass is a requirement, reach for the Vital series and make a dramatic impression.

SpeakerCraft V12

CODE: ASM99012


Sold As Each

Gaining from years of proven SpeakerCraft engineering & precision manufacturing. Our new 12" woofer displaces a huge mass of bass laden air. A top mounted level offers convenience and ease of use.

SpeakerCraft V10

CODE: ASM99010


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A subwoofer does more than create bass. It reveals something about the listener, a youthful spirit. Modern materials balanced with classic design yield melodic deep tones.

SpeakerCraft V8

CODE: ASM99008


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Subwoofers are traditionally associated with the high end segment of the audio market. The uniqueness of this very compact and advanced electronic device is a high level of performance at a reasonable price.