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SpeakerCraft MODE 3.1 Keypad




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Supplier: SpeakerCraft

MODE 3.1 Keypad

Simple and easy to use, MODE mounts flush in the wall in any room in the home. The backlit buttons are easy to read and provide various functions depending on the source being controlled. There is also a dedicated volume control knob with a graduated backlight visually indicating the actual volume level. This is critical in situations where volume is being adjusted between songs or while music is fading in or out.

The heart of the system is the scroll wheel, which allows you to address and select the numerous menus and functions on the full color display. The process is intuitive and easily mastered be everyone in the home. Simply scroll and click on the desired menu or command and the system instantly responds.MODE provides a great deal of information including song titles, album names, artists, play lists and genres from the iPod, MODE Jukebox music server, AM/FM preset stations, and XM radio. MODE also features an infrared receiver allowing the system to be controlled via remote from a position on the bed or while reclining on the couch.

  • 3 1/2" High Resolution Color Display with 64K Color (16 bit)
  • Unique Scroll Wheel for Easy Menu Navigation
  • Volume Control Knob with Push Mute and Backlit Level Indicators
  • 8 Backlit Hard Key Configuration Buttons
  • Built-In IR Receiver
  • For Use with MZC System Controllers
  • Fits Most Standard New Work Dual Gang Boxes

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