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  • CTL07108

SpeakerCraft RSA - 1.0

CODE: CTL07108



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Supplier: SpeakerCraft

RSA - 1.0

The RSA converts the expansion Port on a MZC Controller to a one-Way 232 out for controlling source third-party source equipment. It also converts IR to RS232, and can act as an interface between the MODE JUKEBOX and the MZC for data transfer (needed when a MODE JUKEBOX is used with an MZC and data is needed to be displayed on a MODE 3.1 keypad).

  • An Interface between MODE Jukebox, STT - 2.0 Tuner, or Third Party Sources to Pull Data from a Source to Dispay on MODE Sytems
  • Used for One-Way RS232 Communication from an MZC to Source or Non-Source Equipment
  • Can Convert IR to RS232 in a Stand-Alone Configuration
  • Firmware Upgrades are Performed through EZ Tools

Manual (RSA-1.0.pdf, 905 Kb) [Download]

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