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Water Leak Detection Package - Line-Powered Version


MSRP: $249.00  


You save: $100.00 (40%)
Supplier: Card Access

Water leaks generate more home insurance claims than fires, storms or thefts. In an automated home, the Card Access™ Water Leak Detection Package delivers an all-in-one solution that makes it quick and easy to add water detection equipment and events to a system.

With everything you need in a single box, the Water Leak Detection Package is available in two configurations: a line-powered or a battery-powered solution. You pick the power option that best suits your needs.

The Line-Powered Version (model number ILD10A-L) includes:

  • (1) Wireless Contact Switch
  • (2) AA batteries
  • (1) North American 12V DC External Power Supply
  • (1) GRI 2600T including:
  • (1) line-powered relay switch
  • (2) leak detection probes
  • Installation Guide/Wiring Diagram

The Water Leak Detection Package – Line-Powered Version is built on the Card Access Wireless Contact Switch that operates on either two AA batteries or any 9-24V AC or DC power supply. This Certified device can combine up to three contact switches, two temperature sensors, and—when line-powered—a ZigBee™ (IEEE 802.15.4) repeater.

The GRI 2600T water detection equipment connects to the Wireless Contact Switch’s power terminals for power, and as an external dry contact to enable water detection events.  (NOTE: While the Wireless Contact Switch supports any 9-24V AC or DC power supply, you must use a DC 12V power supply to power the GRI 2600T.)