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Water-Resistant Panic Pendant



Supplier: Card Access

With the Card Access™ Sensor Bridge and a Card Access-developed DriverWorks™ driver, programmers can identify, configure, bind and program the GE Water-Resistant Panic Pendant directly in Composer.

Either with or without a GE security panel or monitoring service.

Homeowners will enjoy the same Navigator display capabilities with familiar icons you configure by binding the GE Wireless Sensors to the proxy of your choice. No special "security system" knowledge or complicated GE security panel programming is required.*

In homes where a GE security system is used, the GE Water-Resistant Panic Pendant can do "double duty" providing security sensor information to GE security system, and home automation lifestyle information to systems. Lifestyle event programming in Composer causes NO interference with GE security system installations.

GE describes the features of the Water-Resistant Panic Pendant (GE model number NX-475) as follows:

The panic sensors are water-resistant wireless devices used for activating police, medical, or auxiliary alarms throughout the premises. When the panic button is pressed, an alarm signal is transmitted.

The status of the battery is sent in every transmission. The battery is field replaceable.

Panic buttons can be worn as a belt clip or as a pendant. Mounting adapters are also available.

* Card Access Sensor Bridge and GE Wireless Sensors devices are intended for "lifestyle-based" home automation functions. They do not and should not be used to replace security system functions.
** Battery life may vary based on how often the sensor is activated.

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