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Wireless Contact Relay (Internal Antenna)


MSRP: $155.00  


You save: $56.00 (36%)
Supplier: Card Access

Used with your preferred external switches and sensors, the Card Access Wireless Contact Relay works with your system. It combines the features of two contact relays, one contact sensor, a thermometer and ZigBee® (802.15.4) repeater into a single low-voltage device.  Open and close automatic doors, blinds and gates, raise or lower projector screens, turn fireplaces on or off (or use it in any other contact relay applications you offer) in locations inside or outside the home.

The Wireless Contact Relay extends the range of the ZigBee mesh with built-in ZigBee repeater capabilities.

The Wireless Contact Relay includes an on-board magnetic contact sensor that wirelessly integrates into the system. You can use any standard magnetic contact or order one directly from Card Access.

A built-in thermometer adds remote temperature-sensing capabilities to the home, giving homeowners added automation features and capabilities based on indoor or outdoor temperature events.

Dataasheet (Card_Access_WCS10-R_Data_Sheet.pdf, 452 Kb) [Download]