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Wireless ZigBee Pro Extender V3


MSRP: $159.00  



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You save: $40.00 (25%)
Supplier: Card Access

The Card Access ZigBee Extender 3 was designed to do one thing – extend and bolster your ZigBee mesh – and there is not a product on the market that even comes close to doing this as well as our newest extender.

The new Zigbee Extender 3 does all of this in a big way, including:

  • Deeper routing table. The routing table in the ZigBee Extender 3 allows you to add more devices to your project by supporting up to 64 nodes - twice as many as any other extender on the market.
  • Easy installation with standard single button 4-click setup. 
  • Going the distance. The new ZigBee Extender 3 can extend your ZigBee Mesh up to 900 feet line of sight.

The all new Card Access ZigBee Extender 3 combines superior radio design and firmware designed specifically for the latest controllers and ZigBee Networks.

Each Card Access ZigBee Extender 3 includes the following:

  • (1) Button Press Guide/LED Color Code instruction card
  • (1) North American 5VDC power supply
  • (1) wall mounting Velcro strip
  • (1) ZigBee Extender 3 device with external antenna


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