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  • Z2IR10A-ZP

Wireless ZigBee-to-IR Module


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Supplier: Card Access

Wireless ZigBee-to-IR Module

Can’t run a wire or forget to run a wire? No problem. Now you can easily add every TV, set-top box or other IR-controlled device to any installation-without control wire hassles and risks-with the new Card Access™ Z2iR™.

The Card Access Z2iR ZigBee-to-IR Module lets dealers add IR (infrared) control to any residential device with a driver--without ‘home running’ wires back to a Home Controller. One Z2iR controls up to 4 IR-enabled devices including:

  • TVs
  • Projectors
  • Streaming media devices
  • Set-top boxes
  • Window coverings

and more...

The Card Access Z2iR Module is sleek, small and fast. It’s only 2 13/16ths inches long (71.1mm) by 1 3/4ths inches wide (44.5mm), by 9/16ths inches thick (14.4mm). That’s smaller than a typical pack of chewing gum.

Each Card Access Z2iR Module also includes:

  • two IR Emitters
  • a 110-220VAC-to-USB Power Module
  • a two meter USB cable
  • an adhesive strip to attach Z2iR Module to the target device

Simpler, Faster and Safer than Running Wire
Over half of all installations taking place in retrofits/existing homes. Most clients object to paying for pulling wires to control devices in their home. But industry data shows consumers will pay up to $1,500 to have their TVs mounted correctly, with components connected, and getting all the other control devices placed out-of-sight.

For the same price (or less) than “home running” an IR control wire to each device, the Card Access Z2iR Module offers a cost-effective, better-looking, and (best of all) simpler solution for you and your clients. All without risking a job’s profitability because of what might be hiding inside a wall.

Control Any IR Driver-Enabled Device
Just power up the Z2iR Module using any 5V USB 2.0-compliant port, identify it in the project, create your bindings, plug an IR Emitter into the Z2iR and attach the LED to any IR-capable device, and you’re all set. The Card Access Z2iR Module adds IR (infrared) control to any residential IR-enabled device with a driver.

The Z2iR’s IR ports are functionally identical to the Home Controller’s IR-only ports, though serial data is not supported.



Datasheet (Card_Access_Z2IR10A_Datasheet.pdf, 741 Kb) [Download]

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